Further version recent improvements

  • Indexing improvements:
    • Increased flexibility: one can now define the file types to be indexed by content or file name only for each indexed folder
    • User tags (OpenMeta) are now indexed, and can be searched specifically
    • FoxTrot now indexes all the metadata returned by the Spotlight metadata importers, instead of a just a subset
    • Folders marked to be ignored by Spotlight (with a ".noindex" name suffix") are no longer indexed, as well as folders containing a hidden file named ".noindex")
    • hidden files and folders, and contents of application packages are no longer indexed by default
    • the "Indexed files" field in the configuration pane  now more reliably indicates the number of files in the index
  • Fixes:
    • FoxTrot now suggests to the user to not run it from the installation disk image. In case the user persists, FoxTrot makes sure to quit background processing on exit, so the disk image can be ejected properly.
    • Fixed a minor memory leak that could be notified in the console ("autoreleased with no pool in place")
    • Several crashes fixed, including one occurring when the application was being quit by Mac OS

  • Other changes
    • Had to drop support for PowerPC or Mac OS X 10.4. For users of either platform, we will continue to support them in version 2.6

  • Known issues in this version
    • Very few – version 3 has been through intensive internal and external testing, and looks to be the best generation ever of FoxTrot Search products both from a reliability and a features standpoint.
    • Incompatibilities may remain with Unsanity's application enhancer as well as MailTags. You may need to temporarily remove either of these to use FoxTrot Search products.
    • If you wish to report feedback, comments and suggestions for 3.x, please join the FoxTrot Search Google group using the form at: http://www.ctmdev.com/support/foxtrot_search_google_group.html

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