2015-01-25 Annoucing FoxTrot Search release 5.0.2


- Full support for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks tags:

  - multiple color badges displayed in the result list

  - list of tags displayed in the preview header

  - you can assign tags to one or multiple selected found files [pro]

- New thumbnail sheet (contact sheet) result view 

- user interface improvements

  - when using the multi-column result list, some columns can now be removed using the contextual menu

  - added a button to the toolbar to toggle whether the popover preview of documents is enabled or not

  - New toolbar icon to toggle screen layout

  - Multiple thumbnail previews when selecting multiple found files

  - When selecting multiple tags in the categorization pane, added a button to toggle between "all selected tags" and "any  selected tag"

- Updated look and feel to integrate with the forthcoming Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

FoxTrot Services Menu item, allowing searches from a selection of text within most applications [PRO]

- Ability to earch in a specific folder  [PRO]

- Thumbnail popover in list of found items  [PRO]

- system menu and AppleScript improvements  [PRO]

  - search using specific template

  - search in a specific folder

- Action menu on one or multiple selected found files [PRO]

  - move to trash

  - move to folder

  - rename

  - reindex

- iOS sync improvements [PRO]:

  - you can now automate the upload of indices to a server, where FoxTrot Attaché Search for iOS will download them

  - iOS sync improvements: created ability to write custom AppleScripts for uploading index files

- Finder comments and tags are now indexed for all document types, and not only those for which a spotlight metadata importer exists


Accelerated performance when previewing the same found file multiple times, i.e.large PDF files

- rebuilding all indices at startup is now performed more efficiently, whenever the number of indices is higher than the number of CPU cores

- Fixed error 999 when permission problems in /Library/Caches or /Library/Caches/TemporaryPublicItems and files inside it

- Improved UI for iOS sync

- Added Retina icons

- fixed a number of bugs mentioned by our respected testers


- requires 10.7.x or higher

Disclaimer: The winter 2014-2015 release of FoxTrot Search products may contain traces of nuts. Use at own risk.

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