Altogether, more than 50 improvements, including…


Time Machine enhancements: The search index, spotlight cache, and previous version of the message database created when compacting, are now skipped by Time Machine. When restoring the database from the Time Machine backup, the search index is automatically rebuilt.

+ improved handling of attachments

- Attaching an already compressed file (standard compressed format for archives, images, audio or video files) no longer re-compress it when the preferences are set to zip attachments.

- uses Path Finder if it is installed instead of the Finder when revealing or getting info on an attachment 

- the Finder is now brought to front when opening an attached folder

+ Added Security warnings for executable attachments

• Supports unsanity's SmartCrash Reports if it is installed.

• Made the application self-updating upon launch; download once and auto-update to revisions and final builds.

• Automated purchasing and registration process using Kagi within the application for immediate satisfaction

[notable bug fixes]

- mailto: URLs are now handled as UTF-8 and display properly in Safari

- on computer wake-up, wait a few seconds before checking mail, so the network connection can be established

- search for [content] [includes exact phrase] [SingleWord] and [content] [includes exact phrase] [OtherSingleWord] was returning incorrect results

- Messages composed of multiple HTML parts can now be viewed correctly in PowerMail. (for example, HTML messages with embedded non graphic attachments sent by Apple

[notable change]

- To enable leveraging of modern OS features, focused compatibility efforts on Mac OS X 10.4 and above (PowerMail 5.6.5 will continue to be sold to Mac OS 10.3.9 users)

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