Buy new licenses and upgrades

FoxTrot Search licenses can be purchased via the following Paddle store (secure transaction inside the frame) with automatic serial number generation: 

If the page above has trouble displaying, you may use our alternate CTM Development Square Store page where all transactions are in US$ only. This does however imply manual license key generation from us, which may take up to one business day (usually less).

FoxTrot Search upgrades

From FoxTrot Personal to FoxTrot Professional

FoxTrot Professional is available with a discount to FoxTrot Personal users; all users have received an e-mailed coupon code allowing them to upgrade via Kagi. If you are missing this coupon code, please use the customer service form on the bottom right of this page to request a new one.

From FoxTrot Professional single user to Pro 5-user / Pro Server 10-user and more

Multi-user upgrades are available for the difference in price between what was originally paid and the multi-user price as published here. To place an upgrade order, use our secure Special Order form.

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